Floor Moldings

floor moldings

Floor molding introduction:

Floor moldings is good decor for flooring installation, our existing types including quarter round, reducer, T-molding, baseboard, stair nose, end molding, end cap. Detail information as following:



Quarter Round:

The rounded shape of Quarter Round creates a subtle blend between the floor and the wall, It is used in the same way as a baseboard molding.

quarter round




Reducer (with track):

Reducer is used to create a smooth transition between two floors of different height, as well protect the planks.




T-molding (with track):

T-molding is used for doorways or between flooring sections which are at the same level (height).

T molding




Stair Nose (with track) :

This coordinating piece provides the proper transition for all the steps in your home with our molding.

stair nose




End-cap (with track) :

End-cap is used as a transition from laminated flooring to different flooring surface, such as carpet, and is also for the finishing of the laminate edge in ourside doors.

end cap




End molding :

Trim your walls with this simple-to-install finishing touch.

end molding




Baseboard molding :

This molding borders the laminate floor at the base of the wall to give the room a finishing look.

baseboard molding




Available Style of Floor Moldings:

Quarter round, Reducer, T-molding, Baseboard molding, Stair nose, end molding, end cap.



Available Wood Species of Floor Moldings:

MDF, engineered wood, white oak, red oak, Brazilian cherry, maple, hickory, American cherry, santos mahogany, bamboo, American walnut, Brazilian walnut, and so on.



Available Finishes of Floor Moldings:

Unfinish or any other prefinishes of a variety of wood species for your choice.



Customized service of Floor Moldings:

LEGNOVERO, with rich experience on floor moldings, is a professional floor moldings China manufacturer, welcome your comments about floor moldings if you have any query on that. Dimensions, wood species, finishes, and other specifications can be customized according to customer's drawing, welcome OEM production.