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quarter round molding



Quarter Round Molding Introduction:


Quarter round molding, a term typically used in the flooring industry, is a convex molding that has a cross section in the form of a quarter circle. A variation is a base shoe, a quarter of an ellipse.


Quarter round molding is typically used as a flooring joint between the flooring and the baseboard, quarter round molding is not a requirement for flooring, but in the United States, it is preferred due to its aesthetic appeal. It covers the uneven edge as flooring meets the baseboard.


Often a quarter round molding (and base shoe) is molded or shaped into the baseboard itself negating the need for any additional joins.


Quarter round molding is typically sold in various materials such as natural hardwood, engineered hardwood and laminate.




Available style and size of Quarter Round Molding:


quarter round molding




Available Wood Species of Quarter Round Molding: 

MDF, engineered wood, white oak, red oak, Brazilian cherry, maple, hickory, American cherry, santos mahogany, bamboo, American walnut, Brazilian walnut, and so on.



Available Finishes of Quarter Round Molding:

Unfinish or any other prefinishes of a variety of wood species for your choice.



Customized service of Quarter Round Molding:

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