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Wood Baseboard Molding Introduction:


Wood baseboard molding can be used where the wall joins the floor, the function of baseboard molding is to decorate in the region where the wall meets the floor.


It would be better to select the wood baseboard molding that is proportional to the dimensions of the house, as a selected wood baseboard molding will be play an good role in decorating your house, indirectly it affect the determination how to finish the house. Therefore wood baseboard molding should be chosen well to work in harmony with your casings to finish and tie the room together. Wood baseboard molding are usually thinner than the casing.


Our wood baseboard molding are available in MDF, plywood, we can also supply baseboard molding in solid hardwood, such as Oak, Fir, Pine, walnut, cherry or any wood species which you may desire. All our baseboard moldings come primed, and many prefinishes of a variety of wood species for your choice.



Available style and size information of Wood Baseboard Molding:

baseboard molding




Customized service of Baseboard Molding:

LEGNOVERO, with rich experience on wood baseboard molding, is a professional wood baseboard molding China manufacturer, welcome your comments about wood baseboard molding if you have any query on that. Dimensions, wood species, finishes, and other specifications can be customized according to customer's requirement, welcome OEM production.