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Parquet Blocks

Parquet blocks are used to create the traditional herringbone floor pattern as well as other patterns, used with imagination they can create visually stunning floors. Our parquet block solid wood floors are tongue and grooved and end matched and machined to exacting tolerances. Our unfinished blocks are supplied square edged and planed to a smooth finish. Unfinished floors should be sanded prior to finishing. We recommend that block floors are installed by glue down method using Lecol 5500 adhesive.



Available Size:

L x W x T (mm)

210mm x 60mm x 15mm

210mm x 60mm x 18mm

230mm x 70mm x 15mm

230mm x 70mm x 18mm

230mm x 70mm x 20mm

280mm x 70mm x 20mm

350mm x 70mm x 20mm



Click System:

Arc Click, T&G



Customized Service:

Size and paint coating can be customized, wecome OEM products.