Wood Flooring


 parquet flooring



Brief Introduction:


Parquet flooring is a classic wood flooring that is laid in a geometric pattern designed to make the floor attractive. This style floor has a long history – dating back nearly three centuries. Tour a European mansion or chateau, and you’ll likely find yourself walking on high-end parquet squares. But parquet flooring also fit with today's home styles - from traditional to contemporary.


The beauty of parquet flooring comes from the union of naturally beautiful solid wood pieces, with the artistic touch of human design, which takes those earthborn elements and arranges them in patterns of fluid motion. The result is a surface covering that is dynamic and dramatic, while also retaining a reserved demeanor that is perfect for social spaces such as living rooms and dens.



Common Size of Parquet Flooring:

Common Square Sizes: 9” X 9”, 12” X 12”, 19” X 19”
Common Thickness: Between 5/16” - 3/4”

Customized size are available.



Available Finish of Parquet Flooring:

In it’s natural state, parquet flooring will be prone to be stained and will need to be finished in order to protect it’s surface. However, with unfinished parquet floors, you get to choose the color of any stains or finishing treatments that will be applied, giving you a wealth of decorative options.



Available Wood Species:

Red oak, white oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, jatoba, acacia, birch, beech, ash, kempas, tiger wood, IPE, cumaru, and so on.