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solid acacia flooring


Solid Acacia Flooring Introduction:


The commercial name of Asian Walnut flooring is called acacia flooring (China Origin), The solid acacia flooring can be devided into Golden, Yellow, Red, Dark brown etc. In the past few years, many China wood flooring factories has huge stock of this wood for exporting, or even we can say it is NO.1 hardwood flooring item for exporting to North America Market.


Acacia is a small tree characterized with many sub-branches on trunk, so after the timber is cut off, the wood is with more knots than other wood species. Due to this character, most of China solid acacia flooring manufacturer supply ABC Grade acacia hardwood flooring only in Bulk quantities. For pure A grade solid acacia flooring, it have to be selected from bulk ABC garde timber boards, therefore A Grade Asian Walnut (acacia) is more costive than normal AB /ABC Grade. On the other hand, acacia handscraped hardwood floorings are commonly seen on Acacia due the wood natural characters.


Solid acacia flooring is popular with North America Market as its unique colors and properties. It's one of best hardwood species instead of American walnut. AB Grade Asian walnut hardwood flooring (acacia flooring) is similar to American walnut flooring in appearance if stained with little dark colors . To some extent, solid acacia flooring is better than American walnut flooring in hardness and durability, solid acacia flooring hardness is with more than 2000psi comparing with 1010psi of American walnut wood.



(1) Solid acacia flooring normal dimension:


acacia solid hardwood floor board with following sizes:

Random Length 300-1200x90/120x18mm (RLx3 3/4" or RLx5") AB/ABC Grade Prefinished

Fixed Length 610x122x18mm,610x93x18mm,910x122x18mm A/AB Grade Prefinished


(2) Engineered acacia flooring normal dimension:


LEGNOVERO can also provide engineered acacia flooring for our customers who has low budget but require the same flooring effect to solid acacia flooring.

RL(450-1200) X 125 X 12/15MM In sizes with toplayer thickness 0.6mm,1.5mm,2mm,3mm, surface with smooth or hand scraped styles as well as different colors stains


(3) Solid Acacia Flooring Finish:


LEGNOVERO can supply acacia hardwood flooring with factory finish (Germany Treffert Wearing Resistant Coating) on surface,with 8 layers primer coatings & 4 layer top UV coating layers,the hardwood floor board surface scratch & dent resistance will be greatly enhanced. Surface damage like scratch,dent,dirt stains etc could be removed by resanding and refinish by professional workers.Under proper maintenance,you are expecting to enjoy the solid acacia flooring in life time!




Available Size of Solid Acacia Flooring:

Summary of some standard hardwood flooring sizes. Chart of hardwood floor dimensions:

Type of floor Width Thickness Length Typical sizes 
(Width x Thickness)
Solid Wood Flooring 2 1/4" 3/8"

Random length 

is common

2 1/4" x 3/4"
3" 1/2" 3 1/4" x 3/4"
3 1/4" 5/8" 2 1/4" x 1/2"
4" 3/4" 4" x 3/4"
4 1/4"    
4 3/4"    

Sizes in the chart are the most common width, thickness and length of hardwood flooring. There are hundreds of other combinations of flooring dimensions we can produce according to customer’s requirement.



Available Coats of Solid Acacia Flooring:

UV lacquer / UV Oil / Wax Oil / Natural Oil



Available Surface Effect of Solid Acacia Flooring:

Double Smoked, Aged, Smooth, Handscraped, Distressed, Serratted



Available Joint Style of Solid Acacia Flooring:

T&G with micro bevel, Click system



Available Grade of Solid Acacia Flooring:




Customized service of Solid Acacia Flooring:

LEGNOVERO, with rich experience on solid acacia flooring, is a professional solid acacia flooring China manufacturer, welcome your comments about solid acacia flooring if you have any query on that. Size, suface effect, finish, and other specification can be customized according to requirement, welcome OEM products.